Your hair is our thing.  We're interested in what we know really matters to you: a quality hair care experience. We believe that you deserve excellent service in a beautiful, peaceful environment that leaves you feeling as beautiful as you look. That's The Doux difference.


Consideration of your time and personal space are our priority, You will never sit for hours in a crowded Doux Salon, or share your hair care experience with small children.




Our philosophy is a marriage of world-class artistry and fact-based science.  We believe in the importance of addressing hair challenges at the source, so that you can begin to grow the hair that you want by honoring the simple, scientific truth concerning the hair that you have.


Doux Professionals are experts at decoding the unique needs of curly, kinky, and wavy hair. Our extensive experience comes from an internationally-based training background, and over 20 years of experience behind the chair.


Our signature line of luxury hair care products is what makes us unique. Designed specifically for salon performance, every single service is lavished by The Doux™ from start to finish. You'll leave your visit with gorgeous hair, and a "Client Rx" prescription card with recommendations on how to care for it between salon visits.